THe proven intermittent fasting weight loss success system
Here's Exactly What You're Going to Get With The Proven Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Success System…
The blake Diet:
Fat Loss Decoded Video training & Education
($1500 Value)
  • This video library is your key to quickly learn (and unlearn) everything you need to succeed at fat loss (backed by modern science).
  • ​Know exactly how to melt fat and still eat the foods you love without sacrificing your social life.
  • ​Feel confident that this time you will succeed with a lifestyle that doesn't ask you to sacrifice taste or fun.
Intermittent Fasting Group Coaching & Accountability
($1000 Value)
  •  This Private Facebook Group is your solution to get support and accountability from me to hit your weight loss goals.
  • ​ Feel great knowing you aren't alone and celebrate your progress with others who care about you and your weight loss journey.
  • ​ Have the confidence you want and the energy you need to live your best life exactly the way you want to.

($500 Value)
  •  This Recipe Library is your key to easily make and enjoy hearty meals that help you shed fat and maintain muscle without skimping on flavor.
  • ​Learn to make your favorite meals in a healthy way without feeling hungry.
  • ​Enjoy the pleasure of a full stomach while knowing you're burning fat.

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    Over the past two years I've developed a number of tools to help my clients achieve their weight loss goals. These bonuses will absolutely help you just as they have thousands of my other clients:
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    Proven Fat Loss Strategy Secrets
    These Weight Loss Strategy Guides are your key to quickly learn the hidden secrets experts use to melt fat while building muscle.

    Quickly implement proven strategies to maximize your weight loss without working out.

    Attack fat loss without wondering if you will reach your weight loss goals.

    Learn how to stay on track at weddings, getting drunk with your friends, eating fast food, and even picking the best breads from your favorite bakery so you can enjoy your life while getting the body of your dreams.
    Free Bonus #2 ($49 value)
    Fat Loss Success Journal
    This journal was created using tried and true principles for keeping you on track for your weight loss goals including goal setting, daily and weekly check-ins, and self reflection

    All of these tools help you stay focused on your goals and self-correct to prevent you from going off track.

    Remove the guesswork from your fat loss journey and see the results you want as quickly and easily as possible.
    Free Bonus #3 ($49 value)
    Macro-Friendly Fast Food Guide
    Who says you can't enjoy fast food while losing weight? I don't! We've taken over a dozen of the top fast food chains, analyzed their menus, and put together a guide so that you can quickly find foods that taste great and keep you on track.

    Use this guide to plan your meals and you'll continue to melt fat while you do The Blake Diet. Have fun!
    Here is everything you get when you purchase today
    The Blake Diet: FAT LOSS
    DECODED Video Training & Education
    ($1500 Value)
    MEALS: Blake's Fat Burning Recipe Archive
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    ($1000 Value)
    Fat Loss Success Journal
    ($49 Value)
    Fat Loss
    Strategy Secrets
    ($600 Value)
    Super Powered
    Fat Loss
    Food Library
    ($497 Value)
    TOTAL VALUE: $3,441
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    "I'm down about 40 lbs. I was 6 months post partum and 165lbs. Now I fluctuate between 120-127lbs. Your diet is the only thing that helped. I tried everything!"

    Marcin K.

    "No sacrifices, no avoiding certain type of food⛔️, enjoying everything we can literally eat or drink🍩🍮🍗🍔🌭🍟🍕🥯🥐🍞🥪🍱. The process of getting in shape every fricking day is literally a delicious 😋 "piece of cheesecake”. Blake’s diet works❤️ Blake Horton 🙏 and The Blake’s Diet Fam Thank you so much for the positive vibes here and inspiration every day ❤️🙌"

    Sal D.

    "Highest weight 327 lowest 199 currently between 200-208. I'm off my diabetes medicine, I'm off my cholesterol medicine; this diet has been life-changing!!!!!!!!!!"

    Jeremy M.

    "I've never really been the shirtless picture kinda guy. Mainly because I never really had a physique I was proud of. But there's a first time for everything. And while I still have a ways to go before I get to where I want to be, I'm definitely proud of the progress I've made to this point. Thankful for Blake, Jenni, and everyone on this group!"

    Daniela S.

    "49 pounds difference in this photo. Not where I want to be yet, but definitely better than where I was."

    Brian Y.

    "I hit 300lbs 1 year ago and now I am down 90lbs thanks to The Blake Diet Videos. I have more energy now and I am finding it easy to maintain with the Blake Diet. Thank you, Blake and Jenni!"

    Denise V.

    "Slimming down and getting more muscle tone on my legs since upping my calories in a matter of 4 days. I’m amazed. Thank you Blake for the recommendation."

    Yoram R.

    "Body by Blake!!! Not done yet only 4 months doing The Blake Diet.... Started at 272lbs now down to 230lbs"

    Grady M.

    "I was 6’ 219lbs. I'm still 6’ and 183lb now. I didn’t gain any new muscle. It was all there. Covered in fat tho."

    David M.

    "In 3 weeks of The Blake Diet, I've dropped 3-4 pounds and 1% body fat all while I thought I was on maintenance calories! The Blake Diet really is its own beast and I love it. Hands down the most flexible and accurate intermittent fasting program out there!"

    Michelle K.

    "I Haven't been able to wear these jeans since before I had my baby boy 6 years ago!!! Thank you Blake Horton for all that you do!!"

    Kayla R.

    "Loving every day of this! Thought I enjoyed food before but heck I enjoy it WAY more now! I went from a size 14 to a size 12 in 1 month!"

    Kenneth K.

    "242 vs 205. 6 month progress."
    TOTAL VALUE: $3,441
    Get lifetime access today for a HUGE 93% DISCOUNT
    Just 1 Payment of $297 or 3 Payments of $99 Today!


    "I have really never been one to post photos like these, but I'm proud of the transformation that's happening and so thankful!! As a Blake Diet family, we continue to encourage and be that helping hand for everyone, and that's another reason why I love being apart of it! Y'all are awesome, and continue to strive for your goals! When you accomplish, those goals make bigger ones!! Growth only comes from being uncomfortable; it's all worth it in the long run!!"

    Torrie B.

    "My 9 week progress with TBD!"

    Vicky Y.

    "What is this you ask???? Well 32 days ago these Jeans fit me Tight As Fu@k, and just now I look down and See the Same Jeans Loose-as a-Goose!! So Happy!
    #TheBlakeDiet...Let’s GOoooo."

    Officer Parker G.

    "I've been doing The Blake Diet for 3 years now!"

    Brandin J.

    "Doing physical activities wasn’t ever really a problem for me, eating was. What to eat, how much, how often, is a pain in the ass. Coming across @blake_201 last year changed my entire eating world! To him, I say thank you! I could type for a long time about the education gained from Blake and all the change that just controlling eating brings to your life, but a picture is worth 1000 words."

    Kim C.

    "You really changed my life! I went from keto to IF and my blood pressure went from 200/100 after implementing IF! Because of you I lost 102lbs"

    Candace B.

    "I don't normally post photos but I had to. Thanks to the Blake Diet I have gotten down to a weight I am very comfortable with my waist down to the smallest it's been in forever. Thanks Blake!"

    Adrien M.

    "Seriously don’t think I’d be where I’m at if I didn’t find your transformation video man! Thanks, brotha! Much Love!"


    "Thanks, Blake! Down 60lbs in 1.5 years!"

    Daniel W.

    "I lost 20 lbs and only exercised 20-30 minutes a day!"


    "I lost 140lbs eating donuts."
    TOTAL VALUE: $3,441
    Get lifetime access today for a HUGE 93% DISCOUNT
    Just 1 Payment of $297 or 3 Payments of $99!
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